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How to turn off Apple AirPods Max

    How to turn off Apple AirPods Max

    Here are the steps to turn off Apple AirPods Max.

    You cannot manually power down Apple AirPods Max; they will only switch off automatically when inserted into their Smart Case.

    To power off your AirPods Max, follow these steps:

    1. Insert your AirPods Max into their Smart Case.
    2. Close the Smart Case lid.

    Exclusive features and advantages of turning off your AirPods Max:

    Placing your AirPods Max in the Smart Case activates a low-power mode, extending battery life. This low-power mode deactivates Bluetooth and Find My, enhancing your privacy and security.

    In straightforward terms:

    To turn off your Apple AirPods Max, simply put them in the Smart Case and close the lid.

    When in the Smart Case, they go into a low-power mode, conserving battery and disabling Bluetooth and Find My.

    Please note that you can’t manually power down your AirPods Max; they’ll only turn off automatically when in the Smart Case.